Thursday, 6 March 2014

How to choose RO water purifier from paanimart

Like every big decision, purchase of a water purifier for your home must take your time and efforts in finally coming to a single right conclusion. After all, it is a matter of your health and the health of your loved ones.
You also have to understand that a water purifier must not only give you good quality of water but it must do so consistently.
Along with this, it must be safe for you and the environment in the long run while always being on guard against compromising your health.  
So now that you have made a good decision in safeguarding your health, read on these points below to keep in mind while picking up a water purifier.
  1. Purification technologies – At its most basic, the water purification system that you choose must have the Reverse osmosis and UV technologies for the purification of water. While the Reverse Osmosis technology would make sure that the larger solute particles are held back and only pure solvent passes through, UV treatment would make sure that all the harmful bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms are destroyed.
  2. MM Technology – The water we get on our taps may have variable concentrations of minerals which may sometimes be harmful for our health. Hence a water purifier must have a mineral management technology (MM Technology) so that it could remove the harmful salts and minerals from the water while adding those which are beneficial for our body.
  3. Fully automatic and independent– It would be great if we could set the settings of our water purifier just like we set the settings on our microwave – so that when the required volume has been given out, the water purifier can switch off on its own while also alerting us of the same. The modern woman is much too busy today than to stand by a water purifier and wait for it to fill.
  4. Make should be of food grade material – The body of the water purifier must be of food grade material and should in no case have been painted with synthetic dyes containing harmful salts or materials that could be harmful. Check the certification of the body make along with its safety for the human health. It would be even better if the materials used in making this purification system used eco-friendly.
  5. Purifies all kinds of water: Water available at your tap could be hard or soft but your water purification system must be able to make any kind of water fit for drinking efficiently and consistently. There may be few purifiers like this who claim to do so but after purifying hard water for some time, they tend to break down easily or you may have to change the filter membrane in shorter time duration that normal. Be on lookout for this.
  6. NSF certified spare parts should be available and easily: Your water purifier is a machine basically and every machine goes through its regular wear and tear after a period of use. Make sure that the water purifier that you purchase shows the availability of NSF certified spare parts which appropriately show their authenticity and high quality.
  7. Interactive and easily understandable panel instructions – One must not need to struggle with too many instructions just to get a glass of water! A nice touch screen panel with easy to understand instructions would really help the people using it.
  8. Small size and Wall mounting – In today’s modern kitchens space constraints are always a challenge. In order to make maximum use of the available space, it would be convenient if your water purifier can be mounted on a wall and occupies as little space as possible.
  9. Good looks: We all want our kitchen and office space to look stylish and follow a decor scheme. If your water purifier is available in cool, classy and neutral colours along with having a sleek, stylish and futuristic design, then definitely it would look great wherever you put it up. It will also be able to blend in easily with the existing decor of its surroundings. The added sense of style it would add to your place would eventually create an overall feel good factor for your space.
  10. Voice alerts: Imagine a water purifier that alerts you whenever its filter membrane must be changed? Now how many water purifiers actually do that? And the extreme risk to health that one could make by using an old or faulty filter membrane cannot even be satisfactorily emphasised. Hence make sure you check for this feature or any other similar feature in your water purifier that lets you know immediately when to change the membrane filter.
While it may be tough to get all these features available in one water purifier, but some of these purifiers are outstanding enough to do so, like OWN Water Purifier. Don’t worry, you do not even have to burn a hole in your pocket trying to get a good water purifier since it the ones which are actually great are always reasonably priced and gives you true value for money. So why go ahead and make your life, healthy, easy, comfortable and stylish!


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