Monday, 3 March 2014

Branded RO V/s Non Branded RO

After Installing more than 1000 Kent Water Purifier and 350 Nasaka Water purifier What we have found?

Which is the best Water purifier in Bangalore?
As per our study and my observation! Any branded water purifier comes with huge cost also spare parts cost.
If you drink Kent Water purifier water or Nasaka water purifier both taste is same! If you drink Aquaguard water or Livpure water taste is same. If you do lab testing for any of these products without using TDS controller TDS result is same.
Also If you are using  RO for Less TDS water  PH level is less than 7! Thne We have decided to market Better Product than these branded water purifier.
We have started selling L'eaupure Alkaline water purifier which  comes with 14 stages of purification.
Autoflush and Great PH value of 8.5!
For less cost ! There was no single complaint for the entire year!
No you decide?