Monday, 8 January 2018

Silver Nano Technology from Leaupure for better quality drinking water.

Dear  Water purifier users,

When you buy any top brand RO water purifier with storage you must replace the water in 48 hours with fresh water.
If you dont replace the stored water in storage tank these problems you will face.
1) Fungal growth
2) Bacterial growth like E coli, Pseudonymous, and Coli form.
3) Bad taste of the water.
4) Stinking smell.

But L'eaupure 16 stage alkaline RO came with better solution to stop this problem.
L'eaupure is using Silver Nano Technology in place of UV Treatment in its latest model.

Which helps
If you install the Silver Ionization water disinfection system for any RO Product it will take care of below points.
Salient Features:
Works on Nano Technology
Bacteriological water quality as per IS10500 and IS14543
Replace UV , UF ,Ozonization and Chlorination for Pure water.
Good residual effect,Water can be stored for longer period of time even protects from secondary contamination.
No Bio Fouling in storage tanks .
For 10 days also you can store the water without replacing the old water.