Thursday, 6 March 2014

Benefits of Drinking L'eapure Alkaline water

When you purchase L'eapure alkaline water purifier and start drinking water from L'eapure alkaline water!
You will get below benefits.

There are many benefits to the body from drinking Ionized Water but let’s look at three for now.
First and foremost, it is a powerful antioxidant. People are spending hundreds of dollars purchasing antioxidants which neutralize free radicals all in an effort to prevent diseases, aging and cancer. Free Radical damage causes disease and causes us to age more quickly. Since Ionized Water is rich in Hydroxyl Ions it is a liquid antioxidant which makes it much more effective since it is easily absorbed into the body.
The Ionized Antioxidant in the form of Hydroxyl Ions (an oxygen molecule with an extra electron) donates its extra electrons to free radicals (an oxygen molecule that is missing one electron). This basically means that you have more oxygen available. Ionized Water gives you Energy by providing your body with more of what is needed, namely “oxygen”. This is one of the most health enhancing aspects of Ionized Water.
Secondly, Ionized Water helps balance body pH. Because our diet is often extremely acidic, along with the added effects of stress or exercise, we soon have an acidic internal environment which can lead to adult diseases.
Chronic soft drink consumers, whether adults or children, put themselves in danger by allowing their bodies to build up acidic waste. Some can end up with serious diseases at a very young age. Maintaining an inner alkaline pH (6.9 – 7.2) helps us to maintain an environment in our bodies that is NOT conducive to disease. Because of its alkaline properties, ionized water will start to neutralize and flush out the accumulated acidic wastes from our bodies. This may take years , depending on how acidic your body is, but improvements are usually noticed within 2 – 3 months.
For people who are in good health, Ionized Water is ideal for health maintenance.
Thirdly, Ionized Water has a different molecular cluster size. It contains only six water molecules instead of the ten to thirteen, even up to thirty, that conventional tap water molecule clusters have. Often referred to as ‘micro water’ this water has changed from an irregular shape to a hexagonal regular shape that is less than half the size. This smaller water cluster is much more hydrating than conventional water and therefore its detoxifying properties are 3 times stronger than conventional water.
The detoxification properties of Ionized Water are powerful and sometimes astounding. They simply cannot be ignored. The average person cannot start out drinking strongly Ionized water. This is particularly true of the elderly or ill people, who need to start out at the lowest level and gradually work their way up to higher levels. Most people have spent 20 or 30 years building up acidic wastes in their bodies and may suffer headaches or diarrhea if they drink too much or too high a pH on starting.
When adding Real Water Concentrate to your beverages, you may want to start out slow.

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