Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Best water Softener for Home Use in Bangalore

#L'eaupure water solutions Providing best water softener for home use at Bangalore starting price Rs.3500.
L'eaupure water softeners having wide range of water softeners for Individual house,Apartment,Agricultural use, To make normal person to understand the right water softener for home or any use Please go through the Pros and cons of all types of water softener available in the market.
There are 4 types of Water softener available in the market they are basically as below.

1) Resin Based Water softener.
2) Water conditioner.
3) Electo Magnetic water softener.
4) Magnetic water softener.

Pros and Cons of the Resin based water softener.
There are many water softener making company's in India but you need to choose the right vessel and right resin for getting long life and less maintenance.
As per our study best Vessel Manufacturer are as below.
1) Aventura
2) Pentair
3) Advance Composite
4) Atlantic
5) Starlite
Then Comes best Resin for your water softener
1) Ion Exchange 225 NAF
2) Ion Exchange 225 NA
3) Ion Exchange 220 NA
4) Aventutra Resin
5) Toyota Resin
After This you need to choose best MPV with Top and bottom strainer
1) Initiative MPV
2) Runxin
3) UKL
4) Midas
5) Pure n Safe

Again there will be top mount and Side mount MPV.

There are many company's selling water softener like Zero B,Leaupure,Blue bird, Aquionics etc
Some Company claims 10 year warranty for water softener! Please note the warranty is only for vessel based on certain terms and condition's like water pressure should not be more than 5 KG, Softener need to be installed below the roof etc. Even Aventura offers 10 year warranty for the vessel.

At you can choose any of these combinations based on the cost!

Pros of Resin based water softener:

1) You will get best results for up to 1000 PPM hardness level will be reduced to less than 100 PPM.
2) Resin based water softener removes Calcium and Magnesium due to that out put quality of the water will be very smooth and soft.
3) You can measure the water quality by water testing method.
4) Improves the life of all the bathroom fittings and other valuable things.
5) Most important thing stops hair fall, Improves skin health etc.

Cons of the Resin based water softeners.

1) Water wastage due to regular  regeneration using Sodium.
2) Manual work of regeneration if you use Manual Valve.
3) Not Eco Friendly
4) Regular maintenance cost of buying salt.

You can buy all spares and softener accessories at Please read my next blog  on other water softeners.


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