Thursday, 16 February 2017

Leaupure Alkaline Water Purifier Rental plan

Dear Friends,

We have option of giving Alkaline Water purifier on rent in Bangalore! If you are happy with the product then you can buy the same by paying balance amount!
How Rental plan will work for home?

Security deposit Rs.2500
Monthly Rent for family up to 6 Members Rs.400 which customer need to give ECS on Quarterly basis or PDC of Rs.1200*4 including first 3 months.
If we buy Bisleri bottle each bottle you need to pay Rs.80*8=640 also you will not get alkaline water.

For Office and commercial places we will work out on present water bottle bills and we will give the rental plan which will work out more than 50% cost saving on water bottle.

So Spread the news and drink healthy and be healthy.

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